About the second season

The Second Season is aimed to involve and educate urban activists, popularize grassroots activism and to show the diversity of urban projects. 
20 activists from different Belarusian towns compete for the main prize - financial support and the Grand Prix - Educational Trip to Brazil. 
The participants meet challenges, upgrade their projects during hometasks and to implement their initiatives. 

2 season numbers:

  • 20 participants implemented 14 grassroot projects
  • more then 120 articles in domestic media
  • media coverage more then 1000 000 people
  • more then 3000 people from 13 towns were engaged in grass root initiatives
Author and producer: Nadzeya Ilkevich
Produced by BlackBeastMedia production (private and independent production). Director Varfalamey Kuraga


Второй сезон ставит своей целью вовлечь и обучить городских активистов, популяризировать низовые инициативы и показать разнообразие городских проектов. 
20 активистов из разных городов Беларуси борются за главный приз - финансирование проектов - и за Гран-При - образовательную поездку в Бразилию.
Участники проходят испытания, улучшают свои проекты в течение выполнения домашних заданий и реализовывают свои инициативы. 

Цифры второго сезона:
  • 20 участников реализовали 14 инициатив
  • более 120 статьей в СМИ 
  • Медиа-охват составил более 1 000 000 человек
  • более 3000 человек из 13 городов приняли участие в реализации проектов
Автор и продюсер: Надежда Илькевич
Производство BlackBeastMedia production (частный и независимый продакшн). Режиссер Варфоломей Курага.


2 season 1 episode "Street benches"

The pilot episode is about the confrontation of human and foxy engineer thoughts of park furniture designers - Andrey Koroviansky, Ura Taubkin and Yuri Khovansky. 

20 participants who do not know each other and have no idea about reading schemes have to produce wooden benches. They have only 5 hours, courage, hammer, and chisel. 

4 participants have to leave the show... 


2 season 2 episode "Miracles in Osmolovka"

16 participants continue competition. Every urban activist should know how to communicate with the local community. 

The challenge is to make more beautiful and green one of the small districts in Minsk City center. Participants in 3 teams will try in 4 hours to create a well-done fence, to plant more than 20 bushes, to repaint a soviet bomb-shelter entrance. 

4 participants have to leave the show... 


2 season 3 episode "DIY Brazil"

3 episode is dedicated to Minsk festival Vulica Brasil.  12 participants have to create and manage a real party without any budget. 

  • to create a fascinating program
  • to find technical support (for sound and lights)
  • to design a venue in Brazilian style

4 participants have to leave the show...


2 season 4 episode "Projects Competition"

What kind of projects participants prepared to improve their own cities and towns?

Urban activists are presenting ideas for The City Show jurors: 

  •  Accessible beach for Lida town
  •  Garbage Gallery for Molodechno town
  •  Global project for redistribution of wasted foods
  •  Beach zone for Slutsk town
  •  Dance, art and sports festival in Polotsk town
  •  Art-truck gallery
  •  Dogs' Playground in Grodno town
  •  Festival for Blood donation popularization

2 participants have to leave the show... 


2 season 5 episode "In blood and sweat"

Activists start to do real ACTIONS: homework for their projects upgrade. 

Who can donate their own Blood? How many bananas are throwing away every day in Minsk?

Participants create a prototype for their projects in regions, conducting workshops and open galleries! 


2 season 6 episode "The Finals. Money Day"

Activists have changed a lot of things in their hometowns during a few months. However, we must sum up all the results. 

6 participants are presenting updated projects to the Jury. 

Who will receive financial support? Who will come back home with nothing? 


2 season 7 episode "How to change your city"

A participant who received support implemented their projects. Here you will find a full video report about the process. 

What kind of results participants can achieve with 3000 USD Prize Fund? 


2 season 8 episode "Who is going to Brazil?"

20 urban activists from 13 Belarusian Towns were undergoing challenges,  presenting their ideas and implementing urban projects. 

4 winners and only one Grand Prix! 

Who will become an Absolute Champion of the Second Season? 


Prize Fund

The City Show Prize fund has been provided by artist Bill Forester from Cleveland (OH, USA).

Bill Forester is a unique and unusual person that had been paralyzed and speechless 7 years ago because of stroke. However, he recovered and opened hidden artistic talent. Nowadays, Bill Forester is a famous artist with his own Art-Studio, public figure and now a person who supports an important urban and social initiatives in Belarus. More info. 


Призовой фонд шоу "Город", который предназначен для реализации социальных городских проектов, предоставлен художником Биллом Форестером из г. Кливленд (Огайо, США).

Билл Форстер - уникальный и необычный человек, который 7 лет назад пережил инсульт и был полностью парализован. Однако сумел восстановиться и открыл в себе скрытый талант к живописи. Сейчас Билл является известным художником, общественным деятелем, а теперь и человеком, который поддерживает социальные инициативы белорусов. Подробнее.

Организаторы шоу "Город" выражают огромную благодарность за поддержку нашего проекта и инициатив участников.


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